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NewsOne is a 2 column Magazine styled blogger template.This theme’s features certainly suits perfectly for a Professional Blogger Blog.

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  1. there is any way to gat that image of the hands ond the smiles of my blog??
    (please, anwer quick if it’s possible!)

    Thank you!

  2. Asker says:

    hey Em MetanĂ³ia
    the theme has been updated
    now the featured item will show only in home page.

    i removed the featured item for from the below link
    Theme without featured item

  3. tips-box says:

    hi Asker
    can you add drop down menu option to this template main menu to handle the many categories and subcategories that i have in my blog , and can you also add three columns with red background in the footer.
    thank you so much

  4. Hi Asker!

    I was wondering if you could do some alterations to this wonderful theme for me! The picture of the smiley face: is it possible that that could be changed so I can place a flash file there? I do know SOME coding, but not enough to create an entire theme sadly… If that isn’t possible, could it be made so I could replace the picture regularly? Also, could we replace the ad spots on the right with the pictures of our contributing authors and have the pics linked to bio pages?

    I’m sorry if this is asking too much… I’ve just been in search of the perfect theme for my blog and this one is SO close!

    -Miss Liberty Belle

  5. Asker says:

    I will modify the theme for you whit in max 2days.and I need further explanation about the author pics

  6. Mihran says:

    Hey I definitely agree with ‘Miss Liberty Belle’ if there is a way to do this, I don’t mind for flash, but if I could change that pic regularly, and what she said about the ad spots, that was definitely be amazing. and i don’t know if this is possible, but any way to add a background image? I wanted to crop my logo and paste a bunch of it so it looks repetitive and upload that as the background. Thanks so much for your help, please PM me. I do graphic work and I know coding pretty well- – Mike

  7. BBL says:

    Can anyone explain the purpose of digg, technorati, etc. on the top right of the page? I thought those were for single posts and not entire websites?

    Anyone know?

  8. shibito says:

    can someone help me change the background to black? thanks

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