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15 Responses

  1. Joby says:

    clean theme .good work

  2. max says:

    hi asker, congrats, this is amazing one, very clean and nice, i’m glad with your new works.
    it’s now published on

  3. lance says:

    This is nice blog suited for my needs. Thanks so much. Keep it free LOL

  4. Asker says:

    Go to>Dashboard>settings>formatting>
    change the date header format to
    eg- Wednesday,September16,2009

  5. Kaan says:

    Menu is not working. ( Mozille Firefox last version) What should I do?

  6. Asker says:

    if any problems exist like you told.I’ll fix it soon.

  7. Hug9000 says:

    Dude, awesome one! I just got a problem, who is not exactly a problem. My blog ( – under construction :P ) is going to be in portuguese. Is there any way to change the “Read More” para “Leia o resto”?
    Thanks. The theme is beatiful, simple and clean =)

  8. Asker says:

    I changed the ReadMore as you told.

  9. Hug9000 says:

    Oh, thanks dude =)
    Now the theme is perfect ^^

  10. lowongan says:

    Hi, this is some modification Thanks for such a great themes :)

  11. luis says:

    Hi, I have this template, is there any option to change te size of the thumbnails in the main page?¿ I think it’s a code that the page loads from a server, if there’s a way to change it, please tell me.

  12. luis says:

    also if I include in the href of the menu system a link how can I make it work?¿

  13. Asker says:

    Go to >Layout>EditHtml> click on expand widget templates.then find the below codes.change the numeric values for changing the width and height of thumbnail images

    img_thumb_height = 155;
    img_thumb_width = 195;

  14. Vishal says:

    Very nice template thanks

  15. Nana says:

    Menu is not worrking ):

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