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flambeau blogger template

After I released the Designstudio blogger theme many of my readers asked me for a blogger theme which can show their photos in style!.So here it is guys and this theme mostly suitable for Personal,Design and Fashion blogs.

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8 Responses

  1. How do you ad your photo??

  2. Cary Harrod says:

    She says to find the polaroid.jpg image. Where is it?

  3. Asker says:

    GoTo>layout>EditHtml and find the Polaroid.jpg and edit it via photoshop or other.then uppload the image and replace the default URL with your new polaroid.jpg

  4. Cary Harrod says:

    Okay…showing my ignorance…sorry about that but here goes. I’m not very well schooled on photo-editing. I do not have Photoshop but I do have Photoshop Elements. How do I merge the two pictures? (My photo on top of the polaroid.) Once I’ve done that, how to I create a new URL for that image? Sorry for the ineptness but I love this template and refuse to give up! Any help you can give me would be so appreciated.

  5. Cary Harrod says:

    I figured it out!!! Thanks much!

  6. hi asker how do i replace the polaroid im not so familiar with photoshop any help would do ty and btw i love the layout! =)

  7. atif980 says:

    very nice colour of this templete

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