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my showcase blogger template

My Showcase is a premium quality theme with lot of cool features.I hope this theme will be useful to many bloggers and if you have any suggestions or like to have cheers to me! just drop me a comment and more than that if you enjoy this theme please spread this across the web by using the social links below and consider subscribing to our Rss Feed for more premium quality blogger themes.

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42 Responses

  1. Really nice Blogger gallery template ;)

  2. By says:

    Beautiful Theme Thank you for the theme Contact Sun Video theme this theme if you do look more beautiful =) I’m from Turkey Starmax,

  3. Vaika says:

    best and the professional looking blogger template ever
    thanks a lot

  4. Abe Savage says:

    WWWoooooowwww really beutiful template

    its incredible

    thanks man

  5. In_Darkness says:

    How put ads between the posts?

  6. admin says:

    Can you please help me. I can not change the default ads.jpg with my own pictures. I am using same name same resolution same size. They are located at my own server…but it just doesnt work!

  7. Asker says:

    I taken a long time to answer this .I’m really sorry

    Please explain :-) .I will help you.

  8. FreZa says:

    I don’t know how to change this template once I tryed it. I don’t know how to edit my posts :( can anyone help me please? I’m kinda new at blogger…

  9. FreZa says:

    Nevermind I figured it out!

  10. Trito says:

    wow amazing template. I will use this for my blog. Thanks a lot.

  11. x2ube says:

    great design, im using one of your variations at the moment on my site, but with a few edits :)

  12. nilv0s says:

    Hello. How can i put photos with link in “Advertise Here”?
    Have good day ;)

  13. Great template. We are a branding firm looking to showcase our designs in a blog with a gallery like this one, but need a blog/article navigation link. Please help with finding such a theme. Also our logo uses white negative space, anything with a white background would help. Thanks for your help.

  14. Photo Man says:

    I really like this template. It fits the best and navigates really well. The only thing I ask is if there is a way to change the edit link or how to use it. Also on that upperbar with the home and RSS links how can I add a contact link that would take my readers to a page where they can contact me? Please help.
    Check out my use of this theme @

  15. Baxter says:

    Hi ! Thanks, -which is the hex code (color) for slidebar and background Thanks-

  16. Thanks for this template. I really like it.
    I do have a question.
    When I add a recent comments module the text it’s black.
    How can I solve this problem?
    Thanks again!

  17. Asker says:

    @Dimitrie Ştiopu

    Please explain Dimitrie

    I can’t clearly understand what you’re saying

  18. MaxGoh says:

    erm…sorry , i need a little bit help. Please visit the photos showed at the front page is totally different when u use Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

    any idea how to fix?
    thank you

  19. Asker says:

    The theme has been updated.Please download and install the template again.If the problem still occurs.leave a comment

  20. MaxGoh says:

    thanks for your help, but still the problem remains the same.

    1.Google Chrome Print Screen:-

    2. IE 7 Print Screen:-

    Hope the pictures above can clearly show you my problem. Thanks again

  21. Asker says:

    :-( don’t understand what you’re telling me

    Please explain in WORDS bro.I’ll help you

  22. MaxGoh says:

    ooh ok, when i use chrome, the thumbnail looks good as it will automatic fix perfectly in the square.

    but when i use IE, the square show only part of the original photos.

    Meaning, use chrome, can see the entire photo but use IE, only small part of photo.

    thanks for the help.

  23. Asker says:

    sorry MaxGoh I think the Javascript that I added is not compatible with IE.
    But I’ll try to fix the problem.

  24. MaxGoh says:

    Asker, have a look at this theme =

    which i used it in my blog =

    it is compatible to IE.
    try have a look at the coding~~~
    hope it can help

  25. Asker says:

    with in 4days I’ll fix this problem and notify you via your blog :-)

  26. MaxGoh says:

    ooh okok thank you

  27. MaxGoh says:

    oh ya, please becareful that the theme in my blog = one, when you click the thumbnail, it shows only the full size of the photo (actually it should shows the whole post). thank you

  28. synobenunou says:

    thanks for the template.
    i just install it for my second blog, my question is, when try to add list to my blog list it came out wit this error….

    “Could not detect a feed for this URL. Blog posts and update time will not be shown. Add URL anyway?”

    please help me… im a noob here.

  29. Asker says:

    pls try to reinstall the theme.

  30. Mr. Tweetzon says:

    hi i need help with the post rss and comments rss and edit . how am i suppose to remove it , if it useful how izzit useful? sorry i dont get that

  31. ANI.PAS says:

    Hello Asker,

    I really appreciate this theme, but how is it possible to change the colour of the fonts? I’d like to have them lighter, to make the texts more visible / legible.

    Thanks in advance

  32. Asker says:

    you have to know some basic css and HTML for customizing a theme.

    you can learn many things about blogger from it

  33. ryan says:

    I’m gonna use this theme on my new gallery site. Thanks for this beautiful theme.

  34. Dusik says:

    i am the only one, who had a problem with this blog in Internet Explorer. I have checked other blogs with this theme and they look fine, except for mine. For some reason “advertise here” boxes don’t work (not clickable), the text and photos are all screwed up and look like this (advertise here boxes are all empty because i reinstalled the theme a few times):

    In firefox it works beautifully!
    Thank you anyways.

  35. joeknows says:

    thanks been looking for something like this

  36. CineactresspicsBlogspot says:

    After long time i changed my tamplete, thanks for the nice templete, check our my actress blog

    onece thanks again

  37. allan says:

    nice template

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