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Christmas V2

This is another version of the Christmas theme designed by Instantshift and converted to blogger by me for the creative ChethStudios.You can read the release post and Instructions of this WP converted blogger theme on ChethStudios.

Theme Information
Author Blogger Themes
Designer Instant Shift
Downloads 4517

6 Responses

  1. r1c3d says:

    hi.. nice template you have here.
    i just have one question.
    i could not find rss symbol on my url bar when i installed this template..
    can you help me fix this.

  2. Asker says:

    I checked your blog and everything looks fine for me.
    one more thing Please explain the question clearly

  3. Can Atalay says:

    nice one i’m using it however i need attach my email address to contact how could i do that help me pls?

  4. Can Atalay says:

    by the way this is the link:D

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