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Maxis theme is fully designed by me and this theme has inbuilt socialwidgets on post pages and 125×125 ads section.

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  1. Marc says:

    Hi love the template. but where or how do i get the tag line up ? it does not appear on my site
    Thanks Fox

  2. Asker says:

    pls explain FOX

  3. Marc says:

    Oh yes, At the the top of the template you see where it says “simple and stylish blogger theme” its that section i have missing,

  4. Asker says:

    The above part you told is blog description.
    add your blog description.
    Go to Settings>
    and add your description there

  5. iDen says:

    How can i edit bokmarklets ? you know on the post page below post , twitter stumble bla bla bla. i can’t see code in the template. I want to delete some bokmarks or change hosting of icons. User of had bandwidth overdue on photobuket, the place where pics from template are posted

  6. iDen says:

    I’ve already changed some layout settings in code, and changed image hosting on things i’e found in the code. Everything except bokmarklets. Here is my blog :
    (This is not adds)
    I’m not coder or developer but know basics and how to use Firebug

  7. Asker says:

    hey IDen
    You have to expand widget templates that is

    Go to>layout>Edit HTML>
    put a tick mark on expand widget templates
    and find the below code

    and under that code you can find the codes for customizing social bookmarking links

  8. iDen says:

    Thank You!

  9. Hi!

    I’ve been trying out your cool template. I have added a pages tab and I want to place it on top of the header. But as I drag the Pages element on top, it won’t work. How will I be able to do that? Hoping for your reply. Thanks!

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