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Brown stitch

Brown Stitch is a crafty blogger theme with scrapbook elements.This theme is suitable for Girly blogs.

Theme Information
Author BloggerThemes
Designer Simply WP
Downloads 6552

3 Responses

  1. lovelydebz says:

    i want to use this if i may..but my computer block the download process .. is there a way i can get the code?

  2. Andrew says:

    i love this theme a lot as well! just a couple questions for the HTML code please?

    1. how to i completely remove the menu buttons/links at the top? (the “home”, “posts rss”, and “comments rss” buttons)

    2. how do i move the “posted by” line from the top of the actual post, to the end/bottom of the post?

    3. i tried to remove the labels in the page elements>blog post edit settings, but it still shows. how can i get rid of this?


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