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DesignPile Blue

DesignPile is one of the best blogger themes that I converted.This theme comes in 3 color styles.You can use this blog theme for any kind of blogs such as personal blog,girly blogs,design blogs etc.

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Author BloggerThemes
Designer Site5
Downloads 9101

15 Responses

  1. dicasdesites says:

    muito bom elem de ser bonito é rapido. muito bom vale apena baixar.

    contras: cabeçalho mal feito e ruin para editar, pesquizas pouco eficaz.

    mesmo assim com um pouco de esforço vc consegue

  2. Daniel says:

    Good template… I can get the magazine style? like the original?

  3. Asker says:

    I’ll release it soon Daniel

  4. Aaron Fenwick says:

    How do you link the “Get Social” icons to your own sites? For example… how could I get the Twitter icon in the top right corner to link to my Twitter profile?


  5. Alex DeLarge says:

    Hi Asker, how can i put my facebook adress into the logo facebook. I don’t find where i can copy my facebook adress. Thanks

  6. Mubashar says:

    how am i supposed to add facebook url and twitter url in the template. help here and also the rss

  7. Asker says:

    @Aaron Fenwick @Boom Tschack @Mubashar
    Go to Layout>EditHTML><br />and search for the below codes
    <a href=’#’ title=’Twitter’ rel="nofollow"><img alt=’Twitter’ src=’’/></a></li><br /><li><a href=’#’ title=’Facebook’ rel="nofollow"><img alt=’Facebook’ src=’’/></a></li><br /><li><a class=’rssTag’ href=’’ title=’Posts RSS’ rel="nofollow"><img alt=’Feeds’ src=’’/></a></li><

    replace the 1st ‘#’ symbol into your twitter profile link<br /><br />replace the 2nd ‘#’ symbol to your facebook profile link

  8. Chic Mama says:

    Hi I’ve changed the # for twitter but it’s direceting to I don’t know where/how I can get rid of the bit. I assume the facebook coding does the same.
    Any suggestions please? Otherwise the template is great and was the easiest I have ever installed and I managed to keep all of my widgets. Thanks! ;0)

  9. joeknows says:

    hella nice thanks

  10. Santosh says:

    The template is not working for me….
    Go to

  11. Santosh says:

    I can not uploadd this theme can you plz give me text version of it…

  12. Saru No Ben says:

    hi, nice theme thanks you
    How can i erase the mention “powered by blogger” at the botton? I prefer a blogger button on the top

  13. Juana D says:

    hi! thanks a lot for the theme. I wanna know if there is a way to erase the “Advertise Here” boxes. When I go to Edit, I get nothing but an empty window under the Feed Configuration title.
    Hope you can help me out whit this.

  14. Asker says:

    in this theme there is no “Advertise Here” boxes

  15. Yani says:

    Very interesting Template…. but i would like to know how to put “read more” for body post…. TQ

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