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Fluid is a Tumbler theme Designed by Metalab and Converted to blogger for ChethStudios.

Theme Information
Author BloggerThemes
Designer MetaLabDesign
Downloads 24999

9 Responses

  1. Morgan says:

    How can I remove the icons which are placed at left of each post?

  2. Anonymous says:

    THANKS! great layout, i like it. =)

  3. Maku says:

    hi how can i setup the right date??? the blue icon one? its undefined.

  4. CyPa says:

    Hi!How to add this theme into my blog?
    Please Someone inform me!

  5. Usagi says:

    This theme is really great, I love it. However is there any way I can have the quick-edit button and share/rating buttons in the end of each post again? Thanks.

  6. Wui says:

    I can’t find HTML code !
    Where it is ?

  7. victor says:

    nice theme i love it

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