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18 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love trece

  2. CooL VicKy says:

    hi pls help me i have installed this template but when i add recent post widget my template desing changed its column got changed i have removed recent post widget but still prob is same pls tel how i can i restore back my green blog template check my blog at need urgent help pls

  3. Asker says:

    @CooL VicKy
    I checked your blog and nothing seems to be wrong

  4. Abu Inayat says:

    This greeny one is cool

  5. Jigish Shah says:

    i can’s download it from this site it keeps reloading the same page when clicked on the download button

  6. Nomad Girl says:

    thank you! This is just so cool

  7. lyya says:

    hey i need help on uploading this template on my blog. I do not understand the instructions given in the ‘read me’ document upon downloading the template.

  8. Asker says:

    you can find everything on

  9. Ohhh lovely, so far my fav

  10. grimmyluvers says:

    hey how do I upload it in my blog I dont know what to do…

  11. Junjou-chann says:

    Hey, How do I upload it I already have it but I dont know what to do now…

  12. grimmyluvers says:

    Hey how di I do now??? I already downloaded but now i dont know what to do…

  13. Asker says:

    1. Download your Blogger XML theme to your computer.contained in a zip file, ensure you have extracted the XML template.
    2. Log in to your Blogger dashboard and go to Template> Edit HTML
    3. Look for the section near the top where you can browse for your XML template:
    4. Enter the location of your template and press “upload”.
    5. The HTML of your new template will now appear in the box below. You can preview your template or simply save to start using it!

  14. Syarif says:

    Thanks you very much for this template.
    I love it!!

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